Sunday 7 June 2015


Commonage farmers who applied for GLAS must be participating in a Commonage Management Plan by August 31st if their GLAS application is to be approved. The first step in this process is for an advisor to be approved for the commonage. The closing date for advisors to apply for this role is next Friday, i.e. June 12th. If you have applied for GLAS and your commonage is not on one of these lists you should contact your planner as a matter of urgency as there is a very real risk that your GLAS application will fail.

We are trying to establish how many farmers are in this predicament and would appreciate it if you could also let us know by e mailing or by calling (091) 738900.

The list of commonages with advisors is shown below. This list is taken of the Dept. of Agricultures website. Some of the details have been removed for the sake of clarity but the essential details regarding the commonage, the advisor involved and their contact details remain. The list is in two parts, first the commonages where the advisor has been formally approved, listed by County and secondly commonages where an advisor has applied for the role (as of June 2nd). It is likely that most of the advisors on the second list will be approved in the next few days.

You should also note that applications sent in by advisors in the last week will not be on the list, likewise it can be expected that advisors will apply for a significant number of commonages in the week remaining for this purpose.

Approved Commonage Advisors as updated on 2nd June 2015      
Townland Advisor Name Advisor Phone
B11403a Altnadarragh Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
B13502A Copponaghmore Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
B15603A Gubaveeny Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
B11412a Moher Tom Dawson 086-8238283
C10803a Fanore More Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
D10107A Canalough Michael Flynn 087-2492939
D11006a Cullenagh Claire Greehy 087-2657089
D25018A Lacknahaghny Claire Greehy 087-2657089
D24112a Turnaspidogy Claire Greehy 087-2657089
E16001A Altclogh Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E20501A Ardmeen Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E11801A Ballyannan Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E20601A Befflaght Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E20003A Beltany Mountain Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E20003B Beltany Mountain Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E20503A Brockagh Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E16206b Carrick Lower Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E19504A Claggan Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E12004a Connaghkinnagoe Liam McKinney 086-8584457
E16303A Crowanruddabeg Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E16308A Crowlar Liam McKinney 086-8584457
E20604A Derrynacarrow Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E19614A Derryreel Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E24308A Drumnacarry Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E24309A Drumnaraw Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E22307A Glengillagrana High Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E22308A Glenieraragh Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E22311A High Glen Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E16025A Lougheraherk Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E11711A Magheralahan Liam McKinney 086-8584457
E19708A Meenaclady Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E19708B Meenaclady Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E16027A Meenacross Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E16029B Meenadreen Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E16213A Meenaneary Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E22312A Meenformal Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E22313A Meenlaragh Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E19519A Muntermellan Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E20016A Procklis Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E11811A Sharagore Liam McKinney 086-8584457
E22612A Skreen Upper Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E23529A Stramore Upper Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E19932A Tor  Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E22315A Toragh Brian Dolan 087-2334418
E19626B Tullaghobegley Scotch Brian Dolan 087-2334418
G10601A Aillebrack Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10802a Ardkyle Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G11501A Ardmore Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G11203A Arkeen More Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10803A Attirowerty John Staunton 087-6318279
G13101A Ballintleva Aoife Kelliher 086-8117137
G10602A Ballyconneely Pat Burke 087-3157304
G12403A Ballygally Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G13102A Ballynahown North Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G15907a Barranny Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10306A Barratrough or Streamstown Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10804A Baunogue John Staunton 087-6318279
G12802A Bealadangan Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G12802B Bealadangan Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G25301A Big Island Craig Gilligan 085-7805672
G11001A Bunowen Pat Burke 087-3157304
G11001A Bunowen Pat Burke 087-3157304
G11703A Caher Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
G11703b Caher Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
G11506A Callowfinish Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G12702A Camus Oughter Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G13002b Carraroe North Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G31305A Carrigeen West Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G12208A Carrowgarriff Vincent Costello 087-6598930
G13002A Carrowroe North Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G13107A Cartronlahan Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10903A Cashleen John Staunton 087-6318279
G10311A Clifden Demesne Pat Burke 087-3157304
G13621A Cloghermore Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G14203B Cloonamore Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G16905A Cloonbar Vincent Costello 087-6598930
G11707a Cloonisle Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
G10904A Cloonlooaun John Staunton 087-6318279
G13622A Clooshgereen Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G10312A Cloughaunard Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G13005B Clynagh Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G14702A Coldwood or Foorkill Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G22606A Corgerry Eighter John Fleming 086-0763027
G13204A Cornarona Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G28807A Cullenagh Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G12412A Curraghduff Middle Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G14204a Davillaun Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10908A Dawras More John Staunton 087-6318279
G13110A Derroogh South Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G11205a Derrycunlagh Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10910B Derryinver John Staunton 087-6318279
G10610A Doohulla Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10315A Doon  Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G10318B Fahy Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G10319A Fakeeragh Pat Burke 087-3157304
G14206A Fawnmore Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G11413A Glynsk Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G12427A Gowlaun Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G11806A Illion West Pat Burke 087-3157304
G12910A Illaunnanownim Aoife Kelliher 086-8117137
G14207A Inishark Island Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G11305B Inishnee Island Pat Burke 087-3157304
G14210a Inislyon Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G13113A Inveran Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10813A Keelkyle John Staunton 087-6318279
G11516A Kilkieran Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G12705A Kinvarra Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G14213A Knock Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G13208A Knock South Aoife Kelliher 086-8117137
G12616A Knockadav Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G13116A Knockadoagh Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G29106A Knockauncarragh Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G28812A Knockaundarragh Michael Martyn 087-2595401
G11010C Kylemore John Staunton 087-6318279
G110L3A Kylemore Bay John Staunton 087-6318279
G11615A Kylesalia Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G11011A Lecknavarna John Staunton 087-6318279
G10916A Letterbeg John Staunton 087-6318279
G12815A Lettercallow Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G13659a Lettercraffroe Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10917B Lettergesh East Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10917C Lettergesh East Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10918A Lettergesh West Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
G10919A Lettermore John Staunton 087-6318279
G12506A Lettermore Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G11520A Letterpibrum Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G11616A Loughaconeera Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G13209A Loughaunbeg Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G12507A Lugganaffrin Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G12915G Maumeen Aoife Kelliher 086-8117137
G12915A Maumeen Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G10222A Maw Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G28821A Moyglass Michael Martyn 087-2595401
G10920a Mullaghglass Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
G11307A Murvey Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G13514B Newtown Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G10921A Pollacappul Stephen Hynes 087-7520036
G13677B Rusheeny Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G13681A Shannadullaghaun Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G11523A Shannawirra Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G13310A Shannawoneen Aoife Kelliher 086-8117137
G12511A Shanvally Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G11721a Tawnaghmore Stephen Hynes 087-7520436
G12916A Teeranea Aoife Kelliher 086-8117137
G10927A Tonadooravaun John Staunton 087-6318279
G10530A Truska Pat Burke 087-3157304
G13120B Tully Thady O'Brien 087-2302667
G17030a Tulrush Vincent Costello 087-6598930
G12623B Turlough Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G14219A Westquarter Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
H20206A Gortdromakiery Joanne Hamilton 087-2339224
H21426a Kilcurrane East Claire Greehy 087-2657089
H21909A Maulcallee Deirdre Ward 087-1228998
H20925A Tullig Joanne Hamilton 087-2339224
H21206A Derreenatlooig Joanne Hamilton 087-2339224
H23518A Laharan South Joanne Hamilton 087-2339224
H24310A Lyreboy Joanne Hamilton 087-2339224
H25901A Ballynalackan Joanne Hamilton 087-2339224
H21304a Coolanaroo Susan Clancy 086-6031847
H22116A Gowlanes Susan Clancy 086-6031847
H22207A Coomnhaorna West Susan Clancy 086-6031847
K11611A Monasop Andy Dunne 087-2515113
L11502a Boleyboy Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
L11804A Brockagh Upper Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
L10911A Gubinea Wesley Carr 087-7996206
L11211A Killenna Glebe Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
L12509A Killooman Liam Butler 086-1959103
L11606A Lacoon Tom Dawson 086-8238283
L13103A Slievenakilla Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
L10914A Sracleighreen Wesley Carr 087-7996206
L12515a Tonlegee Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
L13207A Tullynahaia Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
MAYO   12  
P11207A Lettertrask John McDonagh 087-9068275
P22201A Aillemore Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P12704B Ballykinletteragh Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P12406A Ballyknock Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P14101A Barnahowna Damian Scahill 086-3954900
P12501A Behy Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P12502A Belderrig Beg Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P16002A Bellagarvaun John Noonan 087-2789936
P16202A Bellagelly South Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P16103A Bunalty Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P16103C Bunalty Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P24403A Bunnahowna Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24404A Carheenbrack Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P16007A Claggan Mountain Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24205a Claggarnagh West Darragh Kelly 086-1852335
P22206A Corryaughany John McDonagh 087-9068275
P22603A Cregganbaun Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P23206B Crott Mountain Andy Ryder 087-7518061
P22605A Cushinyen Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P24408A Derrycooldrim Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24324A Doontrusk Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24502A Furnace Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P12508A Glencalry Lower Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P24411A Glendahurk Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24208A Glendorragha Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P22607A Glenkeen Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P24412A Glennamaddoo Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24504A Glennamong Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24413A Glenthomas Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P22608A Glenummera Ray Gilmartin 087-8325519
P23306A Glenummera Ray Gilmartin 087-8325519
P23516A Keelkill Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P23412A Laghloon Andy Ryder 087-7518061
P22714A Leckanvy John Noonan 087-2789936
P22714A Leckanvy John Noonan 087-2789936
P16106a Lenarevagh Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P16018A Lettera  John Noonan 087-2789936
P22307A Lettereeragh Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P24211A Letterkeeghaun Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24506A Lettermaghera North Michael Martyn 087-2595407
P24507A Lettermaghera South Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P23309A Lettermaglinskin Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
P16020A Maumaratta Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24436A Meennacloghfinny Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24354A Muckinish Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24439D Murrevagh Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24439E Murrevagh Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24441A Oghillees Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24715A Owenduff Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P15911A Owenglass Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P23217B Owenwee Shane O'Meara 086-1852332
P16506A Porturlin Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P24445A Rosgalliv Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24449A Rosturk Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P15912A Sheenamore John Noonan 0872789936
P24451A Srahacorick Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P23310A Srahatloe Andy Ryder 087-7518061
P16023A Srahduggaun John Noonan 087-2789936
P15913A Srahederdaowen Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24508D Srahmore Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P22614A Srahroosky Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P22308A Tawnyinlough Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P24610A Tonatanvally Martin Heffernan 087-2671759
P24512A Treanbeg Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P24452B Treel Michael Martyn 087-2595401
P22820A Tully John Noonan 0872789936
S15103A Cloniff Michael Martyn 087-2595401
U16702a Crowagh or Dunneill Mountain Gerard P. Durkan 086-1600385
U10830a Formoyle Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
U10911A Kingsmountain Brian Dolan 087-2334418
U12609A Rover Tom Dawson 086-8238283
U16305A Tawnalaghta Derek Beckett 086-3636677
U14108A Toberscardan Fergal Boyle 087-3224684
V19609A Cloran New John Geraghty 086-8112060
V21001A Ballyknockane John Geraghty 086-8112060
V21002a Ballypatrick John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19802a Boolagh John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19708A Brenormore John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19803A Cappadrummin John Geraghty 086 8112060
V21005a Graigue John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19809A Killavally John Geraghty 086-8112060
V21007A Killurney John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19810A Killusty North John Geraghty 086-8112060
V20920A Lisnatubrid John Geraghty 086-8112060
V21011A Shanbally John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19618A Tober John Geraghty 086-8112060
V21012A Toor John Geraghty 086-8112060
V19818A Walshsbog John Geraghty 086-8112060
Z21507a Ballinfoyle Upper Laura Johnston 087-2721213
Z11401A Brockagh Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
Z13615A Cullentragh Big Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
Appointments Pending as updated on 2nd June 2015      
Townland Advisor Name Advisor Phone
B11203a Brackley Oliver Crowe 087-2505378
B11402a Altcrock Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
B11408a Gowlan Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
B18305a Teebane Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
E11710A Leamacrossan Liam McKinney 086-8584457
E14612A Cronakerny Mark McConnell 087-2288091
E15802A Corrafrin Mark McConnell 087-2288091
E16304a Crowbane Michael Swenney 086-1917166
E16305C Crowdoo Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E17713A Letterfad Peter Cannon 087-2923473
E18107b Greenan Michael Swenney 086-1917166
E18525a Trumman West Barr Michael Swenney 086-1917166
E19510A Errarooey More Mark McConnell 087-2288091
E19928a Strakeenagh Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E20008a Cashelnagore Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E20012a Dunlewy Near Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E20019b Tullaghobegly Irish Pat O'Donnell 086-8065060
E23618A Glenkeeragh Mark McConnell 087-2288091
G10403a Boolagare Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10405A Derrigimlagh Pat Burke 087-3157304
G10917a Lettergesh East John Staunton 087-6318279
G11209A Tullaghlumman Beg Pat Burke 087-3157304
G11302B Errisbeg West Pat Burke 087-3157304
G11906a Maum West Pat Burke 087-3157304
G13615a Canrawer West Pat Burke 087-3157304
G13615b Canrawer West Pat Burke 087-3157304
G13728A Ower Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G14214a Middlequarter Emmet McGloin 087-2559677
G28901a Derrybrien East Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
G28901b Derrybrien East Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
H22206A Coomnahorna East Susan Clancy 086-6031847
L11013a Launtaggart Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
L13104a Sranagarvanagh Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
P12125B Ratheskin Ian Kenny 087-2501683
P13634A Inishard Damien Coyne 0876598930
P15902a Bunmore East John Noonan 087-2789936
P23206A Crott Mountain Fergal Monaghan 087-2356668
U11201a Castlegal Enda Gilrane 086-3856792
V23005a Drumleagh Michael Ryan 087-9177302
V23017A Moneynaboola Michael Ryan 087-9177302
W11704a Kilclooney Catriona Foley 058-41211
W13907a Boolattin Catriona Foley 058-41211
W14305A Bawnfune Catriona Foley 058-41211
Y19112A Kyle John Mallick 087-2997105