Thursday 4 February 2016

GLAS 2 Contract Letters are on their Way

The first letters confirming GLAS 2 contracts have arrived with farmers. 

Applications from 7,097 Tier 1 candidates were received and 6,746 of these are being approved immediately, with the balance under review. For Tier 2, a total of 4,198 applications were received and 3,975 of these are being approved immediately, with the balance similarly under review.
All GLAS 2 applications from new entrants to farming in 2015, and from new farm partnerships, are being granted priority access under this round, including applications by Tier 3 candidates. These are applicants who had been unable to apply under GLAS 1, for technical reasons, 
The applications that are under review would include a small number of cases where software or data issues prevented the submission of a complete application. The advisors involved have already been informed of this and provision has been made for these cases to be resubmitted once the technical issues have been resolved. Once this occurs these applicants will be assessed using the same criteria as applied to all other applications.
A further tranche of the Scheme will be launched in the Autumn.

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