Thursday 11 April 2019

SOLAR Panels under TAMSII

The grants scheme offers up to 60% of the completed installation cost to a maximum grant value of €9,300 which pre-supposes a cost price of up to €15,500 for the 6kWp Solar PV array with 4.5kW hours of battery storage.

A typical 6kWp installation would comprise of 20 PV panels of 300W capacity each, the panels measure approx. 1 metre by 1.65 metres requiring an area of 33 metres squared, preferably placed on a South facing slope, but South East and South West facing roofs perform very well also.

The PV panels can be mounted on a suitable farm building roof or ground mounted on a frame.  

Depending on geographical location, panel orientation and angle the 6kWp Solar PV array can produce up to 5,500kW Hours or Electrical Units a year, with intelligent use of equipment (matching load to PV power output) and the battery storage facility for night time consumption, all of this will replace energy purchased from your Utility company.

TIRGLAS Limited will facilitate applications under this measure and we will continue to be competitive in pricing. As are all TAMS applications this will also be completed on line. We will also post on our web site a solar map of Ireland and a solar orientation map for your information.

We will also strive to get the best price in suppliers of the PV panels so that you get the best options. We would recommend that before any decision be made that a desk study be completed and that you have all the facts in hand before a final decision can be made.
We can be contacted at the numbers listed on our site

Keep in mind that when there are grants available there are unscrupulous companies cold calling, conducting surveys under the premise of energy audits, then offering to send an "engineer" to advise on their energy bills. The pointer to look for is the sweet-talking appointment booker who will insist that both parties (husband and wife) are present when the consultation is booked.   

Then there follows a carefully rehearsed, psychological, pressurised sales process, with the sales persons reluctant to leave even after two or three hours without procuring a sale secured with a deposit, insisting that the heavily discounted offered price (usually still inflated) is dependent on the owners signing up on the first visit.

 A reputable company employs only salaried sales and consultancy personnel, leaving the quotation with the client to review for a period of a week or so. We would recommend that you source a company whom is registered or you can contact us so that we can do that for you.

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