Wednesday 5 March 2014

Single Payment Scheme 2014, Applications to open tomorrow

Applications for the 2014 Single Payment Scheme will open tomorrow March 6th. The closing date will be May 15th. It is very important that all commonage farmers make an SPS declaration as it is required for all schemes including the new GLAS scheme which will open in the Autumn. It is also likely to be a key factor in defining an "active farmer". The Dept. of Agriculture are encouraging all farmers to register for the purposes of submitting their application on line. As a farm advisor I can vouch that the on line system is faster, more accurate and safer in that there is no danger of paperwork going missing and we also get an immediate receipt for each application lodged.

In parallel with this process there is the issue of whether investing in SPS entitlements is worthwhile. The answer to this question depends very much on the individual circumstances of the farmer and of course on the price of the entitlements on offer. The closing date for entitlements trading is also May 15th.

If you require assistance with an SPS issue please contact us. Likewise if you want advice on whether purchasing entitlements is appropriate in your situation then contact us by phone or e mail.

We facilitate purchases/ sales of SPS entitlements for farmers all over the country, so if you have entitlements for sale or are considering a purchase give us a call at (091) 738900) or (087) 2356668 and we will match you with a buyer/ seller as appropriate.

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